Saturday, July 4, 2009

Plumbing on Independence Day...

Happy 4th of July.  We spent most of our day working on the condo.  My parents picked up our new master bath vanity at Lowes...  it's amazing.  We have so much more counter top space now for the blow dryer, curling iron, makeup, yadda yadda.  

While Michael and my dad worked on the new vanity, my mom and I made a trip to the grocery store for a little barbeque by the pool.  While on our way to the store, we noticed a sea of towels and chairs on Lake Rancho Santa Margarita...  we quickly realized that the 4th of July holiday drew quite a crowd to the lake and we would have an interesting night with parking and seating.

When we got back from the store we went down to the pool and grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and corn!  MMMM!  Then we swam for a bit.  After the pool and barbeque, back to work we went!  The vanity will be completely finished tomorrow.  

We went down to the lake around 8:45 ish and made a small hike to see the fireworks show. The fireworks were great and we will definitely be up early to grab our spot for 4th of July 2010.

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