Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Will Laugh About This Some Day... Right?

When Michael and I purchased our condo, neither one of us had a place of our own, with our own furniture. Everything in our place had to be purchased... so yes, brand spanking, shiny and new.

Along with our new furniture, we decided to have a custom cabinet built for Michael's fish tank.

We were so excited to have our furniture and fish tank set up. We were literally sitting on camping chairs during our renovations.

Michael and I soon realized that a dog could care less about new furniture. If it looks good enough to chew, then he will chew [and no, BitterApple spray doesn't seem to work].

TV Stand Corner

Fish Tank Corner No. 1

Fish Tank Corner No. 2

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trying to Fit the Mold [Part II]...

Two weekends ago we decided to do our door molding. When we ripped out our base molding, the door molding went along with it. Why - the previous owners of our condo didn't think matching the molding was important. We literally had three or four different sizes of door molding and floor molding. It was terrible.

When we brought Morgan home there were several areas of exposed drywall... he LOVED the drywall. I was forced to spray the drywall everyday with BitterApple so he wouldn't get sick.

After a SOS phone call to my dad, he and Mike installed the door molding.

Morgan & his favorite drywall corner...

New Door Molding

Dad & Michael Working Away!

Staple, Staple, Staple!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Target & Television...

Mike's agenda when it comes to electronics is the bigger the better OR the more expensive the better. I, the frugal one, am just fine with my 6 year old camera, 3 year old T-Mobile Sidekick and 4 year old MacBook computer.

After much convincing, Michael won the battle when it came to our most recent purchase. Target [the danger zone] was having a sale on most of their LCD flat screen televisions. The 46" Sony Bravia was on sale!

We were so fortunate to receive Target gift cards for our wedding and we were able to purchase the television almost entirely on gift cards [Thank You]. I must admit it is amazing. I truly enjoy watching my trashy reality shows on a much larger screen. The Real Housewives of Orange County are practically life size! We've yet to play our Wii but be sure the competition is on [when Mike is ready to accept the challenge].