Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Danes and Scotties...

This is the photo our photographer will blow up and frame for the sign in table at the wedding.  The reason Michael and I were caught laughing at the same time is because a HUGE Grate Dane was walking right in front of us as we were taking these photos against the wall.  The dog was massive and it caught us off guard... we couldn't help but laugh.

Great Danes and Scotties you ask?  Michael and I are currently on the waiting list for a Scottish Terrier litter to be born around August 11th.  We know we want a black/male Scottie so we are crossing our fingers that the litter will have at least one male puppy...  we are planning on naming him Morgan Simon Seybert :)  Once the litter is born we will wait approximately 14 weeks [1 to 2 weeks after our honeymoon] until we can pick up the puppy and bring him to OUR CONDO SPACE!  So excited.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mama Always Said: "If you can read, you can cook"...

So I've never been one to cook but that doesn't necessarily mean I can't cook.  Much to my own surprise, I'm doing okay in the kitchen.  Michael and I are huge fans of my beef tacos... the must have ingredient is the Tapatio sauce!  I've posted a picture as proof that I CAN cook!

My Mom Always Said:
"If you can read, you can cook!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

One, Two, Step...

Michael and I found this fabulous, oversized bath mat at HomeGoods.  It's simple and adds the perfect touch to our master bathroom.  I cannot wait to add more accessories to our humble abode!  

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gadgets & Gizmos of Plenty [Part I]

Bonnie [my future mother in law] and Grandma Min [Michael's Grammy] visited us yesterday. Grandma hadn't been to the condo yet so she was really excited to see it...  she approved! Bonnie saw the condo when it was torn to shreds...  plastic on the ground, paint unfinished, no furniture. She was pleasantly surprised to see all of the work we've done.  

Bonnie and Grandma Min spoiled the heck out of us while we were here.  Grandma Min showed up with measurements for a King size bed.  We were planning on keeping Michael's Queen, but she insisted on buying us a King...  so thanks to Grandma Min for our new bed.  We are going to purchase it in a few weeks! [The master bedroom is still a storage room for paint supplies]

Then we went to HomeGoods [my new favorite place] Bonnie bought us tons of goodies for our kitchen and bathroom...  drinking glasses, fish themed drinking glasses for Michael, silicone cupcake makers, cupcake pan, spatulas, potato peeler, egg whisk, toilet paper rack [lol], and Grandma Min bought us an omelet pan.  Thank you Bonnie and Grandma Min!