Wednesday, March 3, 2010

List of New Favorites...

Craigslist is awesome...  we just sold our sectional sofa, Mike sold an old calculator from high school and I was able to find a pet adoption agency in need of dog crates [they got Morgan's old ones] all via Craigslist.  I know of several people who stalk Craigslist and now I can see why...  it's awesome!

Canon Rebel T1i...  this is our new camera!  I'm not a gadget girl so I didn't understand why this camera was so much better than my Canon Powershot.  This camera is amazing.  The picture quality is unbelievable.  

Morgan's cameo on the new camera

Fish tank photo featuring El Camino [yes, our fish have names]

We also love  Michael purchased the camera on Amazon while I've made much smaller purchases.  I recently ordered magazine subscriptions for SUPER cheap on Amazon...  LOVE it!