Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sandy Beaches...

Not quite. This week, we're tackling every door in our condo. YEP, we're painting every door, door frame and door molding. We're also going to replace the door hinges [the previous owners painted them and we're not fans].

Each night this week Mike and I are going to sand away! We made a quick trip to Lowes for supplies: more door molding, wood filler, ScotchBrite sanding pads and dust masks. We want everything prepped and ready to go for my parent's visit this weekend.

My dad will likely be turbo-charged and ready to paint [he's a little hyper :)]

And no, we're not doing this for the fun of it... the previous owners had mis-matched door molding through out the condo and the doors were painted an awful off-white, yellowish color! Ugh! Time for a crisp look with Behr Snow Fall White in a semi-gloss :) Ahh, the little things in life that make me happy.