Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crate & Barrel or CB2...

We still have gift cards from our wedding to Crate & Barrel and I cannot bring myself to a decision as to what to buy.  How can one store have so many pretty things?  

Do I dare buy a 3rd duvet?  I don't know what it is about duvets but I absolutely love them!  
Do I order cool accessories from CB2?

I've also been dreaming about these banana leaf mirrors for months!
I'm thinking the banana leaf mirror would look fabulous next to our sliding glass door.  I think this rustic touch will add texture and balance to our modern furniture.  Opinion?

Monday, March 8, 2010

What Haven't We Done [Part II - Bathroom]...

While this past weekend was chalk full of to do's, our master bathroom was at the top of our agenda.  Here is a reminder of what the master bathroom use to look like:

Before the new vanity installation
New Vanity
New Artwork
M&J Monograms from our friend Elizabeth
Close up of M&J Monograms [Anthropologie]
New Door Hooks
New Door Hooks Serving Their Purpose
Different angle of bathroom

I'm very happy with the final result.  Hanging art and adding hooks make our master bathroom feel warm and functional.  Hope you like...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Haven't We Done [Part I]...

We had a super busy week full of projects around the house...  we had a TON of touch up paint around our place, particularly the door molding.

I was also in the mood to hang new art in our bathroom...

This is a sneak peak...  More to come later this week on the bathroom :)
Michael managed to squeeze in some time for photography with the new camera...
We also purchased new/matching knobs for every door in our condo.  

We built [everything from IKEA must be built] our new sofa...  more to come on that!  PHEW!  

Michael and my dad finished the base molding in the master bathroom.  

We purchased patio furniture from Target and built a hanging system for when we aren't using it since our balcony isn't huge [the furniture collapses and folds].

Our week was extremely productive. The larger projects go by so fast.  It's the smaller stuff [like touch up paint] that takes so much time.