Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Home, New City...

Michael & I closed escrow on a condominium in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA on June 4th!  Talk about meant to be...

I first saw the condominium with our realtor Zen withOUT Michael.  I knew in the first 30-seconds of seeing it, that it was our condo.  Of course i couldn't make an offer before Michael saw the place, BUT there was another verbal offer on the table.  The next day, we put our offer in writing and it was accepted.  It was our first offer so we really lucked out when it was accepted.  

We hit several bumps in the road during escrow... some were heartbreaking, some were nerve wracking but it was all worth it!  We were supposed to originally close escrow on May 11th so you can see how long of a process this became...  MUCH longer than anticipated.

Thankfully, our family, friends and realtor Zen supported us all the way!  We are so happy with the condo and happy with the new city we live in.  Rancho Santa Margarita is a beautiful place to be and we cannot wait to meet new people!  We are hard at work with painting, ordering appliances, cleaning and more!  I will post photos of our progress soon!

Thanks again to our family and friends for your love and support during this process!