Monday, December 21, 2009

Is that a Scottie?...

Morgan finally has all of his shots and we are able to take him on walks. We've become quite popular around the neighborhood. People stop us everyday and ask to pet him and if he is a Scottie. Our neighbors also call him a "Christmas" puppy. Apparently the red - plaid "Scottie" print is popular during the holiday season.

We like to think he's the coolest dog in town. One of the funniest things about our beloved pup is that he refuses to potty outside. Some people think that's strange, I just say he has class :)

Another funny thing about walking him at night is he is really hard to see! He is so black! He is also hard to photograph because you can hardly see his eyes.

Locks & Ladders...

I took Morgan to the vet this last Saturday to get his rabies shot. Morgan refuses to walk down stairs [even though he jumps off of our couch which is much taller] so I have to carry him down the stairs every time he goes outside. While I was carrying Morgan, Michael carried his dog crate [and walked me to my car].

Little did I know, our front door was switched to lock and I closed the door behind us. We put Morgan in his crate and off I went to take him to the vet. Michael was staying home and was going to do some chores so he went back to our front door and realized he was locked out!


He waited about 45 minutes until one of our neighbors came outside. They gave him a ladder and held it for him while he hopped over our 2nd story balcony [thank goodness we left that door unlocked].

When Morgan and I got home, he looked exhausted. Better it happened to him and not me. I'm far too clumsy to climb up a ladder and over a balcony.

For Michael's sake, I'm including the information for our local locksmith: RSM Lock & Safe Inc.

This isn't the first time this has happened... Each morning Michael asks me to hold Morgan so he can get out the front door without a hassle. Immediately after he leaves I jump in the shower. A few weeks ago Michael forgot to bring his car keys with him. Out the front door he went and I was in the shower while he was locked out.

Unfortunately for him, I take long showers. Michael was standing outside in the cold [well, California cold] for about 30 minutes. He checked the traffic report from his phone and luckily traffic was clear that morning.