Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trying to Fit the Mold...

Cutting the Molding with the Saw

Mike carefully balancing our 16 ft of Molding :)

Dad Working Away! I bought
him this saw for Father's Day :)

Molding pieces drying after 2 coats of paint.

Molding in the Master Bedroom
The molding adventure began when Michael and I borrowed our friend Robert's truck... PS, the truck is lifted and massive!

We picked up his truck and went to Reel Lumber in Anaheim. Picked up the lumber and loaded it into the truck. The pieces of molding come in 16 ft. lengths... VERY long! We strapped it on and off we went. As soon as we picked up speed on the 55 freeway, the molding caught air and begin to lift up from the truck! We almost lost it! We had to pull over to a gas station and tie it down again. We traveled at 45 mph from Anaheim to Rancho Santa Margarita... driving slow was no easy task for speedy Michael. :)

Eventually we got it home and unloaded the pieces into our garage. The next day, my parents came over and the measuring, cutting and painting began. We've been working on the molding for 2 weekends now and we are so pleased with the look. We ordered 6 inch mdf molding and absolutely love it. Our place is finally coming together.

Another reason for getting the molding done is to prepare for our PUPPY! There is no way we could be sawing and under construction with a little dog running around... it would never work!

Hope you enjoy the photos above. Thanks Mom, Dad and Mike for all of your hard work on the molding. I won't be touching a saw anytime soon :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puppy Proofing Time...

It's time to start puppy-proofing our condo! As you can see in the picture above our balcony is not set up for a dog. The gaps are quite large and we don't need Morgan going over [our neighbors blind dog went over about 1 year ago and got a bruised chest].

We plan on putting up matching, dark green lattice in front of our balcony slats to keep him safe. We are also going to put a small "baby" gate on our front porch and a gate to keep him out of the kitchen. Scotties [all terriers] tend to get themselves into trouble... nothing would keep Morgan from opening a kitchen cabinet with his nose and getting into food, cleaning supplies and whatever else he might find.

We are also working on our base molding... I will post pictures soon. It's beautiful!