Sunday, September 20, 2009

Over the Weekend...

Bonnie [my future mother - in - law] and I spent most of Saturday organizing our kitchen cabinets and putting away our shower/wedding gifts. We accomplished what we set out to do and most of our 2nd bedroom is clear of all gift boxes! The trash man might think we robbed a Crate & Barrel

On Saturday night we ordered the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight and watched the fight with our friends Dustin and Robert Moore [both groomsman in the wedding] The fight was fun... can't wait for Mayweather to lose to Pacquiao! Below is a photo of the beautiful tray I purchased earlier in the day... Our beers balanced perfectly during the fight :)

On Sunday my parents came over and we continued to work on the base molding. We sealed the molding to the walls with caulking. It's looking really great. Mid-way through the molding, Mike and my dad hung our beautiful mirror with hooks in our entryway. I LOVE it!

After they hung our mirror with hooks they worked on puppy-proofing our balcony. We decided to use mesh and lattice on the balcony to protect our beloved Morgan Simon Seybert. I'm really happy with the way the lattice looks... I think it adds a great touch to our balcony. The final photo below is of our fake Morgan :) My mother gave him to us as a gift at one of my bridal showers.

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