Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puppy Proofing Time...

It's time to start puppy-proofing our condo! As you can see in the picture above our balcony is not set up for a dog. The gaps are quite large and we don't need Morgan going over [our neighbors blind dog went over about 1 year ago and got a bruised chest].

We plan on putting up matching, dark green lattice in front of our balcony slats to keep him safe. We are also going to put a small "baby" gate on our front porch and a gate to keep him out of the kitchen. Scotties [all terriers] tend to get themselves into trouble... nothing would keep Morgan from opening a kitchen cabinet with his nose and getting into food, cleaning supplies and whatever else he might find.

We are also working on our base molding... I will post pictures soon. It's beautiful!

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