Monday, November 9, 2009

The Morgan Diaries [Part I]

First I would like to thank our wonderful breeder at Culton's Scottish Terriers for taking such wonderful care of Morgan. She is awesome and he has been completely potty trained since we brought him home [priceless]. We cannot thank our breeder enough for being so informative for these past few months.

Morgan Simon Seybert [yes, he has a first, middle and last name] finally came home on October 31st. Needless to say he is a silly little puppy. We thought he would be really scared when he got home and very curious and quiet... Morgan has been MORE than comfortable from the moment we brought him home.

He instantly began running all over the condo sniffing everything in sight, jumping all over the place and playing with his toys. He isn't shy by any means. We noticed his favorite hobby is chewing... especially chewing us! We've begun to train him with an empty soda can filled with coins. Any time he bites, we shake the can... so far, so good. He's a fast learner. "Never bite the hand that feeds you" is what he is learning :) He's been doing quite well with his training and he is learning that biting hurts us.

We cannot believe how funny he is. He is seriously the cutest darn thing and he is extremely smart!

His first day home he decided to have a little fun with the toilet paper while we were at work...

Toilet Paper Clean Up #1

So when this adorable face looks at you after spreading toilet paper all over your house, how could you not just laugh and love him...

Morgan's Cute Face

Did I mention there was a day #2 toilet paper saga?...

Toilet Paper Clean Up #2

Here are a few more photos of our silly Morgan...


  1. Oh my... what a sweet face! It's hard to stay mad at them for long.

  2. Oh he is PERFECT!!!!! He could do NO harm!!!!