Friday, December 11, 2009

The Ikea shopping list [for now]...

Since our humble abode is a massive 1,000 sq. ft. storage is a must! I would like more shelving [book shelf] to create a space to display trinkets and provide more storage. Michael is also in desperate need of more clothing storage.

Here is our shopping list for our next Ikea trip...


  1. Yeah right!!!!

    I imagine this list is much longer in reality!! I am just going to bring my marked catalog with me!!!

    Weekend #1 - AOTP
    Weekend #2 - IKEA

  2. SSShhh. You're not supposed to say anything! :) START THE CARRR!!!

  3. So, I have decided that this is a bad idea. Ikea needs to learn to put there stuff together. That shelving thingy looks like a tall task. (And I don't even have any tools yet!) What will the wife come up with next!

  4. Don't worry, Mike! You can do it! It may take you 12 hours, but you can do it! When Ryan was putting together our most recent purchase (a Billy bookcase), he realized that he put the shelves in backwards. The unfinished edge showed on the front instead of the finished edge... Oops!

  5. We will get you whatever tools you need to assemble the IKEA stuff :) Just let me know! You know I'm obsessed with that place!