Friday, February 12, 2010

The Container Store & Marshall's

Last night we had an appointment with our tax guy at 9 pm! He's a busy man... to pass the time, we visited The Container Store and Marshall's for the first time.

Allow me to start with The Container Store... I really wasn't impressed. As much as I love containers, boxes, files and closet organizers, I didn't find The Container Store to be anything special. Did I mention the prices? I knew IKEA was down the street and I could find the exact products for much cheaper.

I did manage to find 1 item we needed:

sponge holder w/ suction cups for the kitchen sink $6.15

Now on to Marshall's... I know I've expressed my love of HomeGoods in the past and I must say it is still a front runner, BUT, Marshall's is a close 2nd! They have great prices, great items for the house and great everything else!

Here's my little purchase from Marshall's:

soap & hand sanitizer for the kitchen sink $5.75

...I also may have purchased a cute purse :)

1 comment:

  1. "for the first time" ???!

    Marshalls is one of my veeeery favorites. I'm so glad you found it! Those soaps are cute :).