Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's be honest [Part II]...

A potential buyer for our sofa visited last night. She really liked it. Her husband is going to come and see it with her later this week. I'm crossing my fingers that they buy it.

In the meantime, Michael and I went to IKEA this past Sunday evening to test out sofas.

We originally wanted this one:

But we've decided on this one:

The sofa we originally wanted is great, but far too large for our living room. We've opted for the sofa/chaise lounge combination from the Karlstad collection at IKEA. We are going to have to order the sofa because the chocolate brown material is the most popular and they're out of stock.

Did I mention it comes with a 10 year warranty and is super comfy?! We love it. It is much lower to the ground than our sofa now, so we're going to sell our current ottoman on Craigslist too!

I hope someone buys our sofa soon...

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  1. I love it... especially because I have a chaise combo in my living room. Nate and I end up sharing the chaise and leaving the rest of the couch empty most of the time :). Seriously, chaises are the best!