Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let's be honest...

When we purchased our light cream sectional sofa we weren't really thinking about the reality of what a dog would do to it. HAH! The color of our sofa and Morgan's paws are not a good mix. We've kept it covered with sheets because as of 2 weeks ago, Morgan can finally jump up on his own [we we're dreading that day].

This past week I posted our couch [which is only 6 months old] on Craigslist. I'm hoping for a sale so we can move forward and purchase a new, much darker sofa.

Here's a reminder of our current sofa [which we love]:

Here's the potential new sofa [we need to test it out for comfort]:

and the reason we're doing this:


  1. I wish our dark sofa was white b/c our dogs shed and it shows every hair - even if they just lean against it. But it looks like you won't have that problem since your little guy is black. Oh, the things we do for our dogs. Good luck!