Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Haven't We Done [Part I]...

We had a super busy week full of projects around the house...  we had a TON of touch up paint around our place, particularly the door molding.

I was also in the mood to hang new art in our bathroom...

This is a sneak peak...  More to come later this week on the bathroom :)
Michael managed to squeeze in some time for photography with the new camera...
We also purchased new/matching knobs for every door in our condo.  

We built [everything from IKEA must be built] our new sofa...  more to come on that!  PHEW!  

Michael and my dad finished the base molding in the master bathroom.  

We purchased patio furniture from Target and built a hanging system for when we aren't using it since our balcony isn't huge [the furniture collapses and folds].

Our week was extremely productive. The larger projects go by so fast.  It's the smaller stuff [like touch up paint] that takes so much time.  

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