Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hopefully a problem solved...

Thanks for the tips on a recent post "It Happened Again..." featuring the damage my crocodile puppy did to my couch.

First we put foil on the sofa...  he immediately jumped up and walked all over it.  He wasn't scared one bit!

Then we decided to build a custom gate wall for our kitchen entrance.  Did I mention he chewed through the standard baby gate we had for the kitchen?  The kitchen is truly the best spot for him during hot summer days [he prefers the balcony which stays shady all day, but it's still warm].  The kitchen is a good size and has cool tile floors.

We called for backup [thanks dad!] and Mike and my dad built a wall.  Pressed fiberboard, 1x2 wood reinforcements, metal plated edging and screws!  They also built a custom latching system so the gate would stay in place.  $30 buckaroos later and here it is!
Our View from the Dining Area
Morgan's View from the Kitchen
The Metal Edges & Latching Loops


  1. Jackie, I think you should mention the reason for the blue glow in your condo!! I think a post about your hubby's hobby would be very appropriate for "Our Condo Space"... While you are at it, you can do a post about me... JK XOXO

  2. You're right... I always include the furbaby, not the fishbabies!