Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crafty Cake Stands...

After reading how easy it is to make cake stands on a few other crafty blogs, I had to try making them for myself.  I recruited my mom who is an avid antique shopper and she found great deals on gorgeous antique plates!    I also made a trip to Pier 1 to find cheap candleholders.

What you'll need:  plates (any plates will work with a flat bottom), candle holders, liquid nail (clear drying and can be used on glass or ceramic), Q-tips and a damp cloth.

The process below took about 5 minutes per plate.

First - Clean your plates and candleholders...
Find the center and place a small beaded line of liquid nail on candleholder...  stick to plate!
Wipe the excess glue that squeezes out with a damp Q-tip.
 Place upside down with a small amount of weight for added pressure (I used small dessert plates)

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