Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Living & Dining Room...

I can't say it enough...  we finally have furniture!!!  There was no point to purchase furniture when we first bought the condo because we knew we would be painting, taking off the base molding, cleaning, etc.  We waited almost a full month and I must say, camping chairs are not very comfortable.

Here's a look down memory lane for us...  haha.  I will keep the camping chairs a distant memory, trust me.  Hope you enjoy the look of the furniture as much as we do.  It fits perfectly in our living/dining room...  it is so comfortable, practical and stylish.  I LOVE it.

One more thing...  I was hesitant to put the fish tank in the living room.  I wanted to hide it in the 2nd bedroom.  I must say it looks absolutely beautiful in the main living space. Mike was right and I am so thankful we put it where everyone can enjoy it.

The Original Sofa

New Sofa and Ottoman!

Original Accent Pillows...   aka AWFUL!

New Accent Pillows

Photographed from the Kitchen
Photographed from the Entryway

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  1. How nice!!! I love it!!! It looks so nice and welcoming!