Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Metal Folding Chair Anyone???

Some of you had the pleasure of seeing our original tv stand below...  I personally think it's gorgeous...NOT!  Mike and I finally purchased a new tv stand.  The only problem was brining it upstairs.  I CERTAINLY wasn't capable of lifting it so thankfully a nice neighbor helped us. 

The stand is our last piece of BIG furniture.  We're getting there slowly but surely!  Seeing the condo put together is great...  seeing the walls covered with fresh paint makes me smile... the new furniture is awesome...  no more drop cloth/plastic on the floors is the best...   decorating with cute accessories will be AMAZING, I can't wait.

The Gorgeous TV Stand

Michael Building the New Stand!

You're Almost There!


1 comment:

  1. hey! let's see pics of the table and couch!!! I can barely see the couch in the background! I think I see a polka dot pillow! Can't wait to have another hang out night with you guys! Spicy Chicken anyone? Or is Jackie cooking on that beautiful stove??
    Love you both!