Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Master Bedroom Clean Up...

The Storage Room [YIKES]

"Hello floors, nice to meet you"

Almost forgot what this
room looked like.  :)
The master bedroom is finally empty.  We've been storing our paint supplies in this room since we first moved in.  Now that its clear, we're planning on ordering our new King size bed!  

We also purchased a new rod to hang in the master closet...  I haven't quite decided how I want the closet to be organized so for now, a rod will do.  

We also re-hung [is that word?] our wood shutters.  I absolutely love them...  I think they are so charming and add the perfect touch to our master bedroom.

Who would have thought floors and windows could make me so happy?  :)

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  1. awesome! I can't wait to see your new bed in there with the duvet cover (I think that is the type you have). I love the colors!!!