Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morgan Simon Seybert...

Morgan Simon Seybert [the coolest dog ever] was born on August 10th!!! We almost had the same birthday! We are super excited. He is one of the 3 puppies above, but we're not sure which one. We will visit him a few days after our wedding and we will pick him up on Halloween day! SOOOO excited to bring him to Our Condo Space!

There are a few things we have to do to the condo before we bring him home. We have to put a "baby" gate on the front porch so he doesn't bolt out. We also have to put up something to protect him from going through the balcony. AND, of course we have to buy him toys, a bed and his own little dog house :) Clearly, we are excited.

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  1. Saw the website from your facebook and was intrigued. Just be careful with a puppy! Its a lot of work. I've got a doberman/ spaniel mix staring at me as i type this. He's just turning 6 months old and man, it's been a very hectic 6 months. Basically someone has to be with him at all times (outside work) until they're between 6 months and a year old. It's worth it cause they love you unconditionally, but its a lot of work.

    Just a tip... I've had great success with his crate training (he slept like a baby in it since day 1, and he knows its safe) and he walks much better with a harness versus a collar