Friday, January 1, 2010

The IKEA trip...

We finally made the trip to IKEA to purchase the Expedit bookcase, Hemnes dresser, file folders, storage boxes, power strips, an accent light & photo frames :)

The bookcase looks great in the corner next to our sofa. I now have plenty of storage for my owl collection. We will eventually move the storage boxes into the bookcase, but for now, they remain up top until we can trust Morgan not to chew.

The Hemnes dresser is a match to the larger dresser we already have. This 3-drawer dresser appeared to be much smaller at the IKEA store. When we got it home it seemed too large at first, but we made it work.


  1. Is that lamp from IKEA?? I love it!! The dresser works VERY nicely as a nightstand too! Hope you don't mind going back to IKEA soon, I have a list! LOL XOXO

  2. Is your J & M from Anthro? Love it.


  3. YES! The J & M are from Anthro! One of my favorite places ever. :)