Monday, March 29, 2010

First Supper [on our new patio furniture]...

Another beautiful day in Southern California with temperatures around 78 degrees in Orange County :)  I decided to make beef tacos and Spanish rice for dinner.  When Mike got home he said he could smell dinner down the street.   We set up our new patio furniture [which we purchased from Target with gift cards] and we ate on our balcony...
Because our balcony limits us on space, we knew our patio furniture had to collapse so we could create a hanging system for it.  My dad and Michael hung racks for the chairs and table a few weeks ago...  they hang perfectly on the side wall of our balcony and are out of our way when we aren't using them.  We attempt to keep our place as functional as possible because it isn't huge.


  1. Jackie.. You missed something. If you had left your patio furniture on the balcony (not hanging) a little monster named Morgan would have eaten it! Your table set up NICELY covers the balcony railing that he CHEWED! LOL

    I can't wait to get our dining set for the backyard! I also hope that Costco sends me another chair for our bistro set soon!!! GRRRR!!!! I will send you the link for the dining set that we want. Let me know what you think! XOXOX

  2. VERY cute set! It just looks so cozy set up with the food!