Friday, April 2, 2010

The Mini Condo...

We've been having a few problems, issues, lack of training, discipline errors, bad habits, unpleasant behavior, from our pooch.  One of them being the complete destruction of the arm on our new sofa [4 DAYS AFTER HAVING IT].  Morgan never touched our old sofa, but something about this new one has him in a fuss.  More on the sofa drama on a later post.

We decided that Morgan could not have access to our entire condo while we were away at work;  we could no longer trust him.  We now keep him in our kitchen with a gate and I come home on my lunch breaks to let him out or we keep him on the balcony which has been completely puppy proofed.  Morgan prefers to be outside barking at the birds, trees and whatever else may catch his attention.

My parents [Morgan's grandparents] graciously purchased him a new mini-condo for the balcony from


  1. WOW! Morgan has some nice sheets in his condo!

  2. Those are the flat sheets! We only use the fitted ones. He loves them by the way :)

  3. Oh no - sorry about your sofa!! That mini-condo is pretty sweet.

  4. Oh, this is such sad news! Jack destroyed our sofa at one point too. Luckily, all my shoes are still in one piece!

    I bet the pooch loves the new condo. Bad behavior = sweet new digs. Or, I suppose, the sweet new digs means no more inside play while mom's away?

    Good luck with the disciplining!