Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Crashers [Fayetteville, Arkansas]

Mike's best friend Aaron married his beautiful bride Sabrina this past weekend in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mike, his mom Bonnie and I made the trip to Arkansas early Friday morning. 

When we arrived, Mike had to go to the rehearsal dinner immediately while Bonnie and I took long naps!  Thank goodness too, because we didn't get a wink of sleep the night before.

Fayetteville is absolutely beautiful.  We saw incredible farms, lush green hills and ZERO traffic.  It was so different from Southern California.

We took this photo late Friday night after the rehearsal dinner.  We HAD to find our way to Wal-Mart...  Fayetteville is the home to the first Wal-Mart so we couldn't miss the opportunity:
Saturday was the wedding at the most beautiful Chapel I've ever seen.  I will never forget the gorgeous architecture and incredible views through the glass:
The Bride & Groom:
My BEST man:
This awesome man was the tour guide for a senior group staying at our hotel.  I couldn't resist 
and had to take a photo with him.  Check out the shoes!
The trip was fun.  We were a little exhausted today so we slept 'till noon!  The next wedding crash will be next month in Austin, TX for my best friend Andrea!  Can't wait for another adventure.  I'm super excited for Mike to see Austin.  I've been several times and absolutely love the city! 

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