Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mid Century Modern...

I have a new obsession with mid century modern furniture.  I've stumbled upon many fabulous mid century pieces on Craigslist and have become a crazy bargain hunter for these particular designs.  Apparently I'm not the only one because most of the furniture is quite expensive, so I'm hoping to find someone who is selling a great piece and is unaware of its value...  wish me luck!

Below are a few of my favorite Craigslist mid century pieces...  yes, I've been eyeing these for several days now:
These pieces are gems!  Can't you see why I'm obsessed?  Mid Century Modern is so simple and chic.  I adore! 


  1. You could always make an offer and see if the seller takes it! It does not hurt to ask!

    That couch would be awesome in your second bedroom!

  2. I always feel calmer around mid-century pieces! Watch out for Craigslist... you might end up with a pile-o-furniture like I have!

  3. I'm digging all of those items... especially the dresser. Simple and chic, indeed!