Monday, May 3, 2010

Out with the new... In with the old?

Well friends, the obsession with Mid Century Modern has been passed along to my mom.  After reading our blog, my mom was on the hunt for Mid Century Modern pieces for our place.  She found an amazing chair for $50, but waited for my approval and it sold the next day!  Although we missed out on the chair, she found a fabulous end table for our living room...  did I mention it was $25!!!  I couldn't be happier with her find and it fits perfectly next to our sofa.  It is retro 1950's and looks fantastic!
And speaking of sofa...  I was going to devote an entire blog post to the new sofa but I've opted not to.  To make a long story short, we purchased the new Karlstad sectional sofa from IKEA a few months ago in chocolate brown because the color was more "Black, Scottish Terrier" friendly.

Four days after purchasing the sofa, Morgan chewed the arm off.  It was terrible and the tears were flowing.  He never touched our old sofa, so I'm assuming the new smell to this one attracted him to it.  Anyway, it's been fixed and we've moved on.  Morgan seems to have no hard feelings either.  :)

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  1. Love this!!!! The table is very functional and great looking!!