Friday, July 9, 2010

Happened Again...

I came home early from work yesterday because I was feeling sick.  To my horror, I found the arm of our sofa destroyed [for a second time] by Morgan.  I'm pretty upset, but I love my dog more than my sofa.  It can be fixed, but not anytime soon.

We've tried everything...  he's interested in everything other than his own toys and chewys.

Any suggestions?


  1. Noooo! What a bummer :(. Have you thought about putting foil around the couch? Dogs really hate touching it so it could work as a couch deterrent.

  2. I never knew dogs hated foil. I will try that. Maybe I will foil our whole condo! Since it's an IKEA sofa we can take the arm off and put it away until we fix it... he wants to still chew at the frayed edge.

  3. Jacquelin, try this. It was recommended by our vet, and Jack hasn't been on the couch ONCE:

    Buy one of those plastic chair/floor pads that people put in offices to help their office chairs roll around. The underside usually has those little plastic spikey things. When you leave for work, put it on your couch cushions, and Morgan will NOT be jumping up on the couch for his afternoon snack. Something like this:;jsessionid=0000Zwoe8SqzK39b9z_aNmS1dJb:13ddpq5n2?cm_mmc=Mercent-_-Google-_-Chair_and_Floor_Mats-_-911900

  4. I second the foil thing - they don't like the sound it makes, I think. Sorry about your couch! :(